The magic of collision repair that removes all evidence of a prior accident, takes time and expertise. Rely on Register’s Auto Collision to do it right without cutting corners.

We provide the following comprehensive auto collision services:


Repair Assessment & Cost Estimationwreck
Bring your car in or have it towed to one of our four convenient locations in Wilmington, Leland and Hampstead. One of our Repair Experts will look at your vehicle, photograph the damage and provide a repair estimate to return your car to like new condition prior to the accident. We’ll submit your estimate to your insurance company, sparing you the hassle and the paperwork.



frameFrame Straightening & Adjustment
A badly damaged frame can cause a car to be considered totaled by an insurance company. We can’t straighten all damaged vehicle frames, but we do have the best frame measurement and straightening equipment available in Wilmington. We remove the damaged parts, saving any parts that can be reused. We then use powerful machines that can stretch and bend frames back into alignment.



bodyrepairBody Repair & Cosmetics The first step is to located replacement parts that truly match the original factory parts, like bumpers, fenders, taillights, headlights and more. If possible, we may repair a body part with filler, then carefully sand and blend until a smooth, undetectable finish is achieved.




paintmatchPaint Match & Layered Painting
Most people don’t realize that to truly match the paint on your car takes more than a factory paint code. Auto paint ages and color shifts after years in the sun. We have sophisticated paint measuring equipment to provide an exact match to your car’s current color. We can spray all types of finishes, including pearl and metallic finishes. We then precisely mix and match paint to perfectly blend in the repaired area.


detailReassembly & Detail
After the painting process, our technicians must reassemble you car parts and check all gaps for a flawless fit. Once all part are replaced, any missing detail trim in added, such as pin striping. Then your car is thoroughly hand-washed and polished to showroom new.